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The quality of accommodation in Croatia is improving every year. The same applies to hotel accommodation, private accommodation, apartments, luxury villas, and hotel accommodation. You decide what type of accommodation is best for you.

Many destinations in Croatia are also attractive and are being visited by increasing numbers of tourists each year. You may be wondering how to pick the right one.

Brela is our proposal, a spot on the famous Makarska Riviera. There are many reasons why we love it.

Brela is a well-known tourist destination that has been around for over a century. It has a rich tradition of tourism that leaves visitors speechless. Many guests who visit Brela for the first time fall in a love with their lives and return for more.

Brela is most well-known for its beautiful beaches. It frequently ranks on both the European and world lists. The Brela stone is the iconic symbol. There’s also a beautiful promenade that runs alongside the sea, lined with century-old pine trees. Brela is known for its beaches and clear water. There are many great cafes and restaurants in Brela and plenty of facilities along the coast that will make your vacation complete.

You can also reach other popular tourist attractions like Split, Krk National Park or Dubrovnik from Brela.

Skywalk Biokovo is only half an hour away.

Brela Accommodation

We recommend that you find the perfect accommodation after choosing Brela as your summer paradise. There are many options: you can choose from hotels, villas with pools, or holiday homes. Private accommodation in Brela. This is a great accommodation choice for couples and families with children.

Book Brela

Brela has many apartments that are located near beaches. Modernly furnished, the apartments are close to restaurants and shops.

Things To Do in Brela

Brela offers many ways to enrich your vacation: from sunbathing and swimming on the beautiful beaches to sea activities like parasailing or jet skiing, as well as numerous day trips and adrenaline-fueled thrills like rafting and buggy safaris.

It is possible to visit Croatia even in pre-season. Many tourists choose to visit Croatia May. There are many places to visit and it is a great combination with the sun and the sea.

The gastronomic offerings and the tasting of the top wines from the Dalmatian region will complete your vacation.

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